Welcome to Creative Technologies, Inc. (CTI), home of the SmartCHARGER. The new, easy-to-use SmartCHARGER ensures reliable, worry-free battery charging. The SmartCHARGER will better maintain your batteries and keep them lasting longer. That means you buy fewer batteries—and you get more out of the batteries you already own. Our SmartCHARGER Battery Charger contains a microprocessor that correctly charges the battery and then automatically switches to a maintenance/float mode once the battery is fully charged.

Regardless of how or where you use a battery—in motorcycles, cars, RVs, boats, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, generators, tractors, or elsewhere—you will see significant improvement in performance and longevity thanks to the SmartCHARGER.

Your complete satisfaction is our goal. All Creative Technologies products undergo extensive in-house testing and evaluation to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability. Our products are guaranteed to be free from material or manufacturing defects when you receive them. At Creative Technologies, we supply a free, 10-year warranty because we know our products and service will exceed your expectations. We not only want you to be happy with your purchase today, but we look forward to having you as a customer for many years to come.

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