SmartCHARGER_imageThe SmartCHARGER will provide the best and most reliable charging for your batteries! The easy-to-use SmartCHARGER is specifically designed to better maintain your batteries and keep them lasting longer than the basic charger. That means less battery deterioration, longer battery life, and fewer batteries to buy.

The SmartCHARGER battery charger and maintainer is much more than a trickle charger. Our chargers are technically advanced and incorporate state of the art electronics, which create energy efficient, and robust, lead acid battery chargers and maintainers. They are small, compact, easily transported, easily stored, durable, well made, and more effective than the competition.

The SmartCHARGER has many applications for batteries, such as:
  • Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, and Scooters.
  • Boats, Watercraft, All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), and Snowmobiles.
  • Lawn Mowers, Generators, and Tractors.
  • Maintenance of batteries that are unused during seasonal months or experience slight loads such as alarms, Lo-jack, auxiliary lights, etc., which drain the battery over time.

How is the SmartCHARGER different from the basic charger?

Basic chargers apply a fixed charged and shut off automatically based on a timer. When the timer shuts off, your battery may not have received a full charge, or it may have been overcharged. This type of charger requires unnecessary work by you to make sure your battery is properly charged.

The SmartCHARGER avoids the timer problem altogether. It can sense when your battery has reached a full charge, at which point it switches itself to a mode that keeps your battery fully charged and maintained until use. Whether you connect the SmartCHARGER to a dead battery or one that is fully charged, it will automatically adjust itself to apply the correct charge. You do nothing, and you have no worries. All the chargers we sell can remain connected to the battery indefinitely and will not overcharge or damage your battery.

The SmartCHARGER typically doubles the useful life of AGM, wet or sealed lead-acid batteries. Since batteries can not be recycled and must go to a landfill, using the charger means a greener planet.  The SmartCHARGER will provide power to auxiliary battery loads up to 1.0 amp to prevent them from discharging your battery. In addition, the SmartCHARGER is smaller than most other chargers—small enough that it can be stored inside a motorcycle seat, inside a boat’s gear compartment, or on a small corner of a garage shelf.

Compared to traditional linear battery chargers the SmartCHARGER uses switch mode technology, which is more efficient and produces negligible current ripple to the battery being charged. A battery charger with high ripple, which is common in most linear battery chargers, heats the battery more, which can result in premature battery life. Some battery manufacturers recommend a charger that has less than 5% ripple and the SmartCHARGER meets these requirements.

The SmartCHARGER is designed to have a low-power maintain/float mode, which only consumes 3.4 Watts of power. This is more than twice the power saving compared to other chargers, which consume 10 Watts of power or more. At this rate the SmartCHARGER will pay for itself in power savings!

The SmartCHARGER has built-in surge protection so erratic line voltage surges are suppressed–thereby minimizing the risk of damage to sensitive equipment and other electronic components. The charger is also safe for your vehicle. Its complex circuitry is designed to be compatible with today’s sensitive electronics equipment. This allows you to confidently charge your battery while it is still in the vehicle.

Our chargers have built-in line voltage regulation. This means that you will get full output charge current and voltage all the way down to 50V AC line input. Most other battery chargers only provide full output charge current and voltage down to 90V AC.

Additionally, our chargers have less than 0.5 milliamps back current draw. Back current draw is what will drain your battery over a prolonged period of time if the charger is left connected to the battery unplugged. With less than 0.5 milliamps of back current draw it would take over two years to drain a small 10AH battery.

The proven, independently tested and proprietary technology of the SmartCHARGER can significantly extend the life of your battery, saving you money on premature battery replacement. With the typical cost of a battery often over $100, it’s an unwanted cost that you’ll be enthusiastic to avoid -not to mention the hassle that a dead battery will cause.

The SmartCHARGER is also easy to use, with no hard-to-understand technical instructions. If your battery is improperly connected to the charger, a red light lets you know that you need to make an adjustment. Once the red light turns off, you will know your SmartCHARGER is working. A flashing blue light lets you keep tabs on the three-stage charging process, and a separate series of lights indicates the batteries relative charge progress: 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%.

Other features include monitors for voltage and current, 3-stage charging (4-stage if you consider initialization a charging stage), prevention of battery sulfation, water resistance, reverse polarity protection, demand sensing, spark-free hook-up, fuse protection, short-circuit protection, line regulation, output regulation, surge suppression, negligible charge current and voltage ripple, a low-power maintain mode, and a 10 year warranty!

Two Quick Hook-Up Connectors are provided (one with alligator clamps and one with ring terminals for permanent mounting, which allows quick and easy charging/maintaining hook-up).

The SmartCHARGER is designed to meet UL safety standards.

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Download the SmartCHARGER User Manual- Download PDF (4MB)

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